Google Ads Authentication

The Simon integration with Google AdWords is a two step, fully self-service process.

Before you begin

You'll need:

Set up

Copy your Google AdWords Customer ID

1. Find and Copy your Google AdWords Customer ID, a 10 digit code. You specifically need the ID for the Main Manager account; this integration will not work with any other account IDs.

Edit the integration

  1. Navigate to your Simon integrations page. (From the left navigation, expand Admin Center then click Integrations.)

  2. To the right of Google AdWords, click Edit.

  3. Paste your Customer ID (see #1) into the field and click Save Changes, but don't close the window, you're not done just yet!

Grant OAuth Access

Next, you have to grant OAuth access from your Google Ads account. You may want to grab a developer or "someone from IT" for this!

  1. From within the integration window, click the here OAuth Form link; you'll be taken to your Google account to complete OAuth access. Follow the steps there then click Submit. Be sure to use the same Google account matching the Customer ID you used above.

Successful Connection

When your integration is successfully set up, you'll see:




If you don't see a successful connection:

  • Confirm you used your main Google AdWords account Customer ID in both Simon and in when you complete OAuth.
  • Contact your account manager for help.