Integration with Attentive from Simon is primarily a self-serve process, with a couple steps managed by your account manager.

# Before you Begin

To get started sending SMS messages with Attentive, you first need

  • An active Attentive account. Contact Attentive for more information.

  • Your Simon customer profile modified to include fields for `phone_number`. Contact your Simon account manager for help managing Datasets.

  • Your Attentive contacts ingested into Simon, via SFTP. Contact your Simon account manager for support ingesting Attentive data.

## Connect Simon to your Attentive Account

Connect Simon and Attentive to close the loop and start sending SMS messages:

  1. Contact your Simon Data account manager to enable the Attentive integration.

  2. Log in to Simon

  3. From the left navigation expand **Admin Center** then click **Integrations**.

  4. Find _Attentive_ in your list of available integrations.

  1. Click **+add** then **Authorize**. An Attentive window will open for you to complete the connection steps.

  1. Log in with your Attentive credentials.

  2. Authorize Simon Data’s access to your Attentive account.

Required Contact Fields

Please work with your Simon Data account manager to ensure the following fields exist on your contacts before attempting to send messages using Attentive.

  • **Phone number** - Attentive requires that your contacts have the field `phone_number` available for all contacts who will receive messages.

# Add the Action to a Flow

See [Attentive in the User Guides.](🔗)