To integrate [Criteo](🔗) with Simon, we need access to your custom Criteo app, which subsequently itself needs access to your Criteo account. Providing this access is two parts:

  • Create a Developer App in Criteo and configure it to allow access to your data

  • Enter your Criteo credentials in Simon

Follow the steps below:

Existing Criteo Integration Credentials as of November 2021

The [Criteo API](🔗) has been updated as of November, 2021. If you previously authorized Criteo with Simon, you need to create a new Criteo Developer App and enter your credentials in Simon using the directions below.

# Create a Criteo Developer App

Before you begin, you must have a Criteo Developer Account. Review [Criteo Developers; Getting Started](🔗).

  1. Log in to your Criteo Developer account at [](🔗).

  2. Click **Create a new app**:


new app button

  1. In the New app project screen, complete the **Name** and **Description** fields with the following:


New app project fields

  • **Name**: Simon Integration

  • **Description**: An app to integrate with Simon Data

  • **Image**: Not necessary

  1. Click **Create app**.

## Configure app details

  1. Click the **Create New Key** button. This downloads a file that contains the information needed to authenticate in Simon. Take note of these credentials for later:

    • **client_id (username)**: `<LONG STRING OF LETTERS AND NUMBERS>`

    • **client_secret (password)**: `<LONG STRING OF LETTERS AND NUMBERS>`


Note your client_id and client_secret for later

  1. In the application setting, under the Service Heading, verify **Marketing solutions** is selected then click **Save**:


Service - Marketing solutions

  1. Authorization displays next. From the Audiences Domain drop down, select **Manage** then click **Save**:


Assign "Manage" to Audiences

## Activate the app

Once You Activate, You Can't Edit

Once you activate, you can't edit so confirm you assigned **Manage** to **Audiences** in the previous step. If you miss this, you'll have to start the process over and create a new app.

  1. Click **Activate app**:


Activate app

  1. Click **Generate new URL** to receive the [consent URL](🔗). Note the URL for later. It'll look something like this: `********************************`


Generate new URL

## Grant access to your new app

  1. Log in to [](🔗) with an **Admin** **Account**.

  2. Once you're logged in as an admin, navigate to your consent URL from step 9 (copy/paste in the address bar) then follow the instructions to allow access.

# Enter credentials in Simon

  1. Log in to Simon as an admin. From the left navigation, expand **Admin Center** then click **Integrations**.

  2. Scroll to the _Criteo_ Integration then click **Add**. Complete three fields:


  • **Advertiser ID**: Your Criteo Marketing ID (find this in your Criteo marketing product dashboard, or as part of your Marketing Dashboard URL)

  • **Username**: `client_id`: <LONG STRING OF LETTERS AND NUMBERS> (from step 5 above)

  • **Password**: `client_secret`: <LONG STRING OF LETTERS AND NUMBERS> (from step 5 above)

  1. Click **Save**.

If successful, **Connected** displays in the integration block:

## Errors

  • If you your Username or Password are incorrect, _Not Authorized_ displays

  • If your Username and Password are correct, but you app does not have access to your marketing channel, _Application does not have access to marketing channel_ displays. ([Review step 7](🔗)).

# Manage your app

Review [Criteo's Developer Documentation](🔗) for more details on managing apps within Criteo.

# Revoke Access

You can revoke Simon's access at any time by deleting the key from within your app, or by deleting the app itself.