If you store derived events in your database, such as an Abandoned Cart or Refund, you can choose to run triggered marketing campaigns off of these events directly from your database.

With Database Triggers (aka _DB Triggers_), we can scan _your_ database every 30 minutes to pull in and ingest new events to run event triggered flows off of. The custom properties associated with this event will be pulled in alongside the event that can be used to personalize your communications.

To use these triggers in a flow:

  1. Create a **Complex Events Processor Trigger** dataset.

  2. [Submit a support center ticket](🔗) to have an event triggered dataset created.

  3. Once your account manager confirms that event triggered dataset is created, continue on to configure a [flow](🔗):

If you have any questions with regards to cadence, requirements, or you just simply want to get started - please reach out to your account manager.


Complex Events Processor Trigger

Required fields in your Database trigger

The fields outlined in the prompt are required for Simon to process your database trigger.

Explanation of sample query structure

Column NameData TypeExample
event_timestamptimestamp (must be in epoch time)1624637867
sd_processed_timestamptimestamp (must be NOW() in epoch time)1624637867
identifierstring[email protected]