February 2023: Left navigation updates, Campaign Metrics updates, TikTok native integration, Backfill a Journey Segment

  • Left Navigation Updates:
    • Settings is now Admin Center
    • Usage is now Platform Usage and is now located under Admin Center (formally Settings)
    • Configurations is now Settings
  • Journeys Two Campaign Metrics updates: You can now see data on all of your journeys in one place! From the reporting tab, navigate to Campaign Metrics then toggle to Journeys at the top of the page.
  • New! TikTok native integration. You can now add a channel action to your campaign to send audiences to TikTok like you would to Facebook, Google, Twitter or other similar channels for enhanced ad targeting.
  • New! Backfill a Journey Segment. You can now backfill a Journey segment, meaning you can target any segment members who existed prior to you launching a Journey (rather than only those that join the segment after you launched your Journey).