# Overview

This action adds, updates, or removes contacts from Responsys PETs depending on the [details of your flow configuration.](🔗)


# Configuration Parameters

** Profile Extension Table **Name of the profile extension table within Responsys
** Profile Extension Table Fields **[Custom Context](🔗) values to send to profile extension table. A 1:1 relationship between field name and field value is required.

# How this Action Functions by Flow

Channel actions behave differently when used in different flows. The table below describes the differences for this action.

<!-- We've used this description in multiple Responsys documents -->

Flow TypeFunction
**One-Time** Add a contact to a PET, once at send time
**Stream** N/A
**Recurring** (Recommended)Add, update, or remove a contact from a PET, on a schedule for all newly added, updated, or removed contacts.