SparkPost Authentication

Integrating with SparkPost is an entirely self-serve process.

Before You Begin

Generate a new API key in SparkPost following their directions located here. Copy this key for use later.


  1. Log on to Simon.
  2. From the left navigation, expand Admin Center, then click Integrations.
  3. Select SparkPost.

  1. Paste the API key you created and copied earlier into the API key field.

  2. Custom base URL:

  • Most SparkPost customers make API calls via the base endpoint URL and don’t need to complete the Custom base URL field. After entering your API key, click Save Changes.
  • If you have a custom SparkPost API endpoint URL, you must paste your custom base URL into the Custom base URL field below with some conditions:
    • Remove the protocol
    • Include only the base url
    • Don’t include the endpoints

For example, if your company makes all API calls to, then you must enter precisely into the Custom base URL field along with your API key before clicking Save Changes.


If you've connected successfully, you'll see Connected in green next to the integration. If you get an error, double check you've entered your base URL precisely as indicated above.

Send an Email with SparkPost from Simon

See the SparkPost User Guide.

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