You can ingest from:

CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

Simon currently supports CRM integration via our Salesforce module. CRM support has a high degree of customizability and can include segmentation filters and stats such as:

  • Lead source
  • Opportunity stage
  • Most recent activity date
  • Deal size

Contact us for more information on capabilities and module pricing.

ESP (Email Service Provider)

We can ingest from a number of email service providers. Review integrations for more detail.

Support varies by provider, but general email data extraction provides the following capabilities:

Historical sends, opens, and click aggregates for segmentation purposes. This empowers you to segment by people who have never opened an email, never clicked, received more than 10 messages, etc.
Email unsubscribe state and ESP list membership. This allows you to segment and/or get breakdowns of unsubscribe counts.
Capabilities vary on a provider-by-provider basis.