Snowflake Data Share is an optional premium feature.

Contact your account manager to get started.

Snowflake credential requirements

Snowflake allows for cross account data access via secure data shares and Simon takes advantage of this capability so you can share the required schemas, tables and fields directly into your Simon account.

Start by setting up a secure data share in Snowflake, then:

  1. Create a share using the accountadmin role:
Use role accountadmin;

Create share clientname_simondata;
  1. Add objects to the share by granting privileges:
Grant usage on database {client prod_db_name} to share clientname_simondata;

Grant usage on schema {client schema_name} to share clientname_simondata;

Grant select on table {client table_name} to share clientname_simondata;


Add each table explicitly

You need to add each table explicitly to the share and make sure your ETL maintains access for the share.

  1. Add Simon's Snowflake account to the newly created share:
alter share clientname_simondata add accounts=em41824;