We integrate with dozens of tools for inbound and outbound uses. Some configurations are as simple as entering credentials on the Integrations page while others require more customization and are documented individually (click the respective guide on the left).


Channel actions

Channel actions allow end users to push messaging and communications based on their work in Simon out to a specific integration.

Channel Actions are documented in the user guides.

Edit Credentials

  1. Navigate to Integrations. (From the left navigation, expand Admin Center then click Integrations.)

  2. Click edit on the integration that needs to be updated. The form will appear completely blank and prompt you to input fields like an API key or specific domain.

Any fields left blank will not be modified from the previous credentials that are stored. This allows for you to update some fields without affecting others.

For database integrations, you can test the connection to ensure the credentials were entered properly and are working. An error message will appear if the credentials are not working properly, with some hints as to why we may not be able to connect.

Unique Integrations

For the following actions, see their individual integration guides linked below:

If, after following the suggested steps, you are still unable to connect, please contact our Client Solutions team.