Simon allows you to sync audiences to Attentive, creating dynamic subscriber lists that can be used for highly personalized SMS targeting. To do this, we use Simon’s Send File to Attentive (via SFTP) channel action to send a CSV that includes the phone numbers or emails of subscribers and the name of the corresponding segmentation list.

Please see Attentive’s Subscriber Segment Upload documentation for additional information.

Use Cases

  • Re-engage customers who haven’t opened an email in 30 days
  • Upsell to customers with low LTV
  • Target your most loyal customers with a referral competition


  1. From the left navigation, expand Admin Center, then click Integrations.
  2. Scroll to Attentive SFTP then click +ADD.
  3. Complete the fields described below then click Save. If you authenticating multiple business units, review the next section.
Attentive SFTP Auth

Attentive SFTP authentication details

HostYour Attentive SFTP folder location, often Review Attentive's guides for more detail.
UsernameYour Attentive SFTP account username.
PasswordYour Attentive SFTP account password.

Authenticating Multiple Business Units



This feature is currently in Beta. For more information, contact your account manager.

To authenticate multiple Attentive business units, follow the OAuth2 Authorization process (starting by clicking the Authorize button in credentials page) once for each Attentive account. This will take you to Attentive's site.


Select the correct account

Make sure you selected the correct account before clicking the Authorize button in Attentive. If you switch accounts, then you have to click the browser’s back button to return to the authorization page with the correct account selected.

Switching attentive account during OAuth2 authorization flow

Switching attentive account during OAuth2 authorization flow

Follow the authorization process for each account. Simon’s credentials page will show the accounts authorized so far, so you can determine if you need to authorize more accounts.

Simon’s credentials page showing accounts authorized so far

Simon’s credentials page showing accounts authorized so far

To select the account you would like to send an SMS to in the channel action, view Send SMS to contact.