Sync Contact to Profile Extension Table (PET)


This action adds or removes contacts from Responsys PETs.


Considerations & Use Cases

  • Any content fields aren't updated after the first time a contact is synced unless they exit and re-enter the flow
  • If the selected PET is setup to require custom context, those fields pop up automatically in the flow action for you to configure the field values (custom context).

To get started:

  1. Create a flow.
  2. Under Destination, choose the Responsys channel then the Sync Contact To Profile Extension Table action.
  3. Configure the parameters described below:

Configuration Parameters

Profile Extension Table Name of the profile extension table within Responsys.
Profile Extension Table Fields Custom context values to send to profile extension table.

How this Action Functions by Flow

Channel actions behave differently when used in different flows. The table below describes the differences for this action.

Flow TypeFunction
One-Time Add a contact to a PET, once at send time
TriggeredBy segment membership:
Add a contact to a PET, when that newly added contact joins a segment

By an event:
Add a contact to a PET, once when the contact performs a specific event
Stream (Recommended)Add or remove a contact from PET, when your data pipes update for all newly added or removed contacts
Recurring Add a contact to a PET, on a schedule for all newly added contacts