Add Contact To Customer Match Audience


Add contacts to a Google Ads Customer List for use in Customer Match.


Considerations & Use Cases

  • This action doesn't update a Customer List. If the customer already exists in the list, Google removes the duplicate. Google Ads identifies duplicates based on email address.
  • This action is available in Journeys only.

Add the Action

Add a step anywhere in your Journey then choose Add Contact To Customer Match Audience:


Configuration Parameters

NameOptionally, update the name to display in the Journey block. Keep in mind each block must have a unique name, in case you're using this action in other parts of your Journey.
NoteOptionally, add a note to remind yourself why you placed the action here.
Ad AccountSelect the Google account you want to add to from this drop-down field. We sync these lists to this drop down directly from your Google Ads account. If you don't see the account you're looking for, contact your account manager for support.

If you choose a sub-manager account, be sure it is able to access/remove the user ids in the segment you're going to use in the Journey or Flow. Refer to the Google Ads documentation for more detail.
Use Multi-Key Fields to Increase Match RateCheck to send all the checked contact fields using Multi-Key. If you need additional fields, please submit a support request.

Hover over the information icon to view the specific field we're sending.
Journey History MetadataSee Journey History Metadata.