Contact Data Pipe


The Contact Data Pipe page brings gives you visibility into Simon's ETL (Extract, Transfer, Load) process by showing you data pipe jobs,

On this page you can see:

  • When your most recent data refresh was
  • How long until your current data refresh is estimated to complete
  • The most recent data pipe jobs (timer, transform, load)


Extract is not captured on this page

We haven't rolled out any information on the extract phase as part of this initial release. Stay tuned!

Navigate to the Contact Data Pipe view page

  1. From the left navigation, expand Alerts & Status.
  2. Click Contact Data Pipe.

From here, you can filter by phase, and/or sort by Start Date.



TimerThe phase of the contact data pipe when the pipe has been initiated/started
ExtractThe phase of the contact data pipe when Simon is extracting data from your data sources i.e. databases such as snowflake or redshift
Not available as part of initial release
TransformThe phase of the contact data pipe when Simon is processing the extracted data and joining to existing datasets and/or creating new datasets to create/update customer profiles
LoadThe phase of the contact data pipe when Simon is loading the newly transformed data into our data stores and updating the UI with the latest information
Estimated Time to CompletionThe amount of time until the load phase is estimated to be complete and you can expect to see changes/new datasets in the UI