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You're new to Simon Data or looking for the basics

Welcome! We're so glad to have you. If you're looking to work through the platform end-to-end (for example, if you're reading all these docs at once to train yourself on the platform), follow this order:

  1. Datasets
  2. Segments
  3. Flows
  4. Journeys
  5. Reporting

You're looking to channel greatness

For guidance on lifecycle marketing and getting the most out of your Simon Data experience, take a look at Best Practices.

You're an experienced user

If you're looking specifically for more advanced functions, try some of these documents related to specific use cases:

Use CaseArticle
I need more information on Jinja and the Custom Context Engine.Jinja intro
I'd like notifications about what's happening in my account.Configure Simon notifications & alert history
I need to see how my data is being used throughout Simon Data.Data Explorer
I need to approve or reject a flow in reviewAction Panel

You're an administrator


Documentation feedback

Documentation is being updated on a regular basis. Please feel free to provide feedback or ask questions either via the feedback feature on the bottom of each article or by contacting your account manager.