Flows and Channel Actions: How They Work

To use channel actions at their full power, you must understand how channel actions function when used inside different Flows. Flow types have specific goals. Some perform clear functions, like sending one time blasts. Others are for broader goals, like keeping audiences in sync between two systems.

As a result, flow types inherently determine what a channel action can accomplish. This logic varies depending on the flow.



When you choose a channel action, think about how you'd like to use it and verify in the table below that it will work as expected in your chosen flow type.

Flow TypeFunctionData HandledLogic
One TimeSends data once at send time Messages or contactsDoesn't update or remove data
TriggeredBy segment membership:
Sends data, when a newly added contact joins a segment

By an event:
Sends data, once when a contact performs a specific event
Messages or contactsDoesn't update or remove data
Stream Adds or removes data, when your Data Pipe updates for all newly added or removed contactsContacts onlyDoesn't update data
Recurring For messages:
Sends on a schedule, for all newly added contacts

For contacts:
Adds, updates, or removes contacts and their content on a schedule for all newly added, updates, or removed contacts
Messages or contactsFor messages:
Doesn't update or remove messages