A list is a file containing identifiers for existing contacts that can be imported into your account and targeted immediately (without any other data ingestion or dataset creation need). Each identifier must be associated with an existing contact in your Simon account.

  • If you don't have a list to upload, see Create a new dataset.
  • If you have no data available yet, see Connect your database and Data Ingestion.

File format

A list should be uploaded as a file with a CSV extension. The file should contain a single column with no header and only identifier.


Usage and limitation​s

Lists may be used as an include condition with the definition of a segment, and cannot be used as suppression. These segments can be used to message audiences using One-Time flows only.

A segment may only use one List as a condition in the definition. Additionally, a segment that references a List in its conditions may not be used as a base segment or referenced by another Segment.

Upload a list

  1. Navigate to Datasets.
  2. Select Create Dataset.
  3. Select Upload List, then click Next.
  4. Name the list.
  5. The source is automatically selected as "File Upload" and the identifier is your email. Click Start.

Create a Dataset

  1. Click Choose CSV
  2. Click Upload to import your list.
  3. Click Validate and commit your list. If your validation fails, see Dataset validation, correct errors, then try again.

You can now use your list to create segments by selecting your list name under the Lists section of the condition.



Large files may take a few minutes to come available in the segment builder.