Cost Optimization

Making the Most of Limited Marketing Resources

This report is the first in a four-part series, that presents Simon Data’s perspective on how
brands can maximize the value of their marketing budgets. The primary goal of this report is to
lay out a high-level framework for how marketers should think about the different elements of
marketing spend. It also aims to reinforce the importance of good planning, measurement,
and customer understanding in the success of any marketing program, and how the right
technology can enable brands to maximize scale and business impact.
This report will be followed by a series of three, in-depth guides that cover more specific
methodologies to optimizing spend across the following areas:

• Cost Optimization: How a Seamless Architecture Can Improve MarTech ROI (Coming in Q3 2020)
• Cost Optimization: Managing Media Costs for Optimal Impact (Coming in Q3 2020)
• Cost Optimization: Aligning People and Talent Capabilities to Marketing Needs (Coming in Q4 2020)

How to use this report:

Insights. This report offers a collection of original insights and guidance on making the most of your marketing program. Use this report to develop your brand’s approach to cost optimization and
driving outsized impact.
Guidance. Use the “Tips” featured throughout the report to improve your cost planning.
Leverage Your Simon Data Team. Your dedicated Account Manager and the Strategic Advisory team are available to discuss how you can use the principles featured in this report to support your marketing and business objectives. Reach out and schedule a conversation.

For best practice content and guidance, the following report from Simon may be a helpful
companion guide to this framework:

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