Next-Gen Identity


Simon’s identity solution powers cross-channel communication by seamlessly managing your contacts’ identities as more known identifiers become available, enabling you to grow your brand’s business by capturing, enriching, and activating first-party customer data.


Identity is the ultimate source of truth when it comes to your customers. It’s the amalgamation of all identifiers and interactions with that customer over time, across all channels, on all devices.

Identity Resolution

Identity Resolution is the process by which a contact’s identity is built and a single golden record is established for each contact. All of the information you’ve collected about your contacts over time, across multiple channels and data sources, is stitched together into a single comprehensive view that enables you to deliver personalized, contextually relevant messaging throughout the customer journey. Learn more about the Unified Contact View here.

Onboarding to Next-Gen Identity

As you onboard onto the Simon platform, your account will automatically be configured with Simon’s default identity model. During the onboarding process, we'll work with you to determine what, if anything, needs to be customized to fit your brand’s identity needs.