Make Your Ad Spend Go Further

Simon Predict Example

Increase First Time Purchasing Via Social Media Ads

Let’s say you’re really interested in increasing first time purchasing via social media ads. There's a flow for that!

Using the Simon Predict: High Purchase Propensity pre-built segment, we created a stream flow that will create a Facebook lookalike audience to target individuals with similar characteristics to your current customers. You can use this flow as it is, or copy it and tweak it to your needs -- either way you're making your ad spend go further, faster!


Segment On a Top Product

Maybe you’re looking to push a specific product for the next month? You can use Product Recommendations in our Segment Builder to create a segment of customers that have this product as their top recommendation by selecting the property, Simon Predict: Product Recommendation 1 and setting the value to the sku of your chosen product:


Based on that segment of customers, you can also then target a lookalike audience on your ad platform and make sure your ads are being surfaced to folks who are more likely to be interested in that product.