Flows Overview

Flows begin your communication story's journey.





Set up a one time message

Get started using flows

Send a one-time message

Set up a flow that sends on a recurring basis

Recurring Flows

Understand when and why to target specific segments

Target a flow to a segment

Design personalized experiences for contacts based on the accumulated knowledge about that contact.

Rule-Based Branching

Identify the best version of a marketing campaign to achieve your goals.

Multivariate Experiments

Edit an existing flow

Export a flow for use elsewhere

Edit and export flows

Keep segments in sync with lists in various channels.

Streams Actions

Understand sync status messages

Sync Status

View a report of the number of contacts that were not processed when attempting to execute a flow.

Flow Delivery Metrics

Understand how customers engage with the links in your messaging and if their placement in the message impacts customer engagement.

View link activity (Beta)

View experiment summary report

Experiment results

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