Archive a Dataset

Need to remove a dataset that's no longer used so it stops cluttering the segment builder? Just don't need it anymore?

Here's how:

  1. From the left navigation, expand Datasets then click Data Explorer. The Data Explorer dashboard displays:

Data Explorer dashboard

  1. From the first Data Explorer panel drop-down, choose Dataset.
  2. From the second drop-down, search for then select a specific dataset.
  3. If your chosen dataset is not used anywhere downstream according to the Data Explorer, then it's safe to archive it.


Archival restrictions

If a dataset is used anywhere (i.e. in a segment, flow, content block, etc.), you can't archive it and the archive button is disabled.

You also can't archive a dataset while your pipe is running. Make sure you have the Dataset archive failure alert turned on so that you know if your archival request succeeded or failed.

  1. Click Archive Dataset.

Click 'Archive Dataset'


Archiving a dataset is irreversible

Once you archive this dataset, it isn't retrievable. Be very sure before you complete the archive action.

  1. Read the pop-up:
  • To acknowledge and complete archival, click Yes, Archive.
  • To back out, click Cancel.

Archival pop-up

Get notified

To be notified if your request to archive a dataset succeeds or failed, enable the

  • Dataset archive success
  • Dataset archive failure
    notifications. See Configure Simon notifications for more information on how to turn on these alerts.