New Customer Welcome Experience

Best Practice Guide

This report features a collection of sample welcome experiences demonstrating best practices for guiding new customers through pre- and post-purchase experiences across different channels. While this document is not exhaustive, it should offer a glimpse into how your peers are approaching lifecycle email marketing as well as inspiration for ways to approach building out your own program.


Use this link to access the report:

How to use this report:

Insights. Each section contains notable insights into customer behaviors, attitudes and needs as they begin to engage with your brand. Use them to help you better understand your customers and define your marketing objectives moving forward.

Inspiration. Use the examples in this report as inspiration for your own marketing initiatives. These are not intended to be a perfect representation of a given practice, but rather a collection of examples demonstrating how your peers have approached their new customer welcome experiences.

Checklists. Use the “Getting Ready” and “Build Your Content” checklists at the end of each section to help you get started on building out your own best-in-class welcome experience.

Leverage Your Simon Data Team. Your dedicated Account Manager and the Simon Data Advisory team are available to discuss how you might use the principles featured in this report across the Simon Data platform to help you meet your own objectives. Reach out and schedule a conversation.