Streams Actions

Many Simon Data actions work by keeping segments in sync with lists in various channels. For example, the Facebook Custom Audiences sync action will maintain custom audience lists in Facebook that can be used for ad targeting in Facebook. Similarly, most supported ad channels offer some sort of list/segment syncing support.

When syncing a list with Simon, you'll generally want to target both current and added contacts when specifying targeting criteria for the flow. Simon will then keep this channel list in-sync with the Simon segment; contacts will be added to the list when they qualify for the segments, and will similarly be removed from that list when contacts are removed from the referenced segment.


Further Reading

Review Flows and Channel Actions: How They Work for more detail on how streams function with integrations.

List naming

Lists synced to channels are named after the segment name being synced, prepended with
"(Simon)". Note that lists are synced via the segment name and not the name of the flow. For example, a segment "Recent Cart Abandoners" synced via the flow "Multi-Channel Abandoned Cart Campaign" will be named "(Simon) Recent Cart Abandoners" within the respective channel.

If your flow also includes an A/B test, multiple lists will be created for each of the specified variants. For example, an A/B test with variants "$10 off" and "$20 off" will result in two lists, respectively named:

  • (Simon) Recent Cart Abandoners - $10 off
  • (Simon) Recent Cart Abandoners - $20 off