Simon Match+

Simon Match+ is an optional add-on

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Simon Match+ is a feature that enables the enrichment of your first-party data with hashed email (HEMs) and mobile ad IDs (MAIDs) to amplify your paid social audiences by syncing these additional identifiers to the channel.

The result? Better paid media match rate, higher ROAS, more accurate suppression lists, and more. Simon Data has always been purpose-built for enhancing your ROI for first-party data, and now we can help amplify your reach and increase efficiencies into your paid media strategies!

Why HEMs and MAIDs?

Hashed email addresses (HEMs) and mobile ad IDs (MAIDs) are important pieces of the modern marketing puzzle. Because mobile activity isn’t effectively tracked with cookies, and third-party cookies are on the brink of deprecation altogether, HEMs and MAIDs can be used instead to deliver personalized, engaging ads to your customers.

While cookies are limited to desktop and device IDs, HEMs and MAIDs can help stitch these identifiers together. With Match+, you can add an average of 5 additional HEMs and MAIDs to each customer record, increasing your reach by 5X. As you gain additional identifiers through these incremental touchpoints, you increase your ability to find their audience on other platforms, increasing not only your paid media match rates but the ever important return on ad spend.

Compatible Channels

  1. Facebook / Meta (HEMs & MAIDs)
  2. Google Adwords (HEMs only)
  3. Pinterest (HEMs & MAIDs)
  4. TikTok (HEMS & MAIDs)
  5. The Trade Desk (HEMs & MAIDs)

How does this help?

Use CaseDetails
Suppression- Suppress product ads that match customers who have already purchased that product

- Suppress ads for people who don’t share similarities with existing customers

- Suppress ads for customers who are already receiving information through email and are engaging with emails

- Suppress customers that have recently complained to customer support or have left a bad review

- Incentivize Referrals: Customers love you enough to pay you each month. Exclude customers from your product-related ads and instead run ads that incentivize them to refer you to their friends.
Acquisition- Improve ROAS by suppressing known-users from acquisition campaigns by syncing lists of known / “active” customers to Facebook suppression lists

- Increase prospect and new leads from unknown population by syncing list of high-value (LTV) users to Facebook lookalike list. For Facebook only, you can sync influencer/ad engagement based lookalike audiences
Retention- To optimize LTV and engage with known customers in their preferred channel, sync lists of email opens/clicks to Facebook suppression lists

- To optimize LTV, sync list of email non-opens / users with preferred social channels to Facebook re-engage lists

- To optimize timing and messaging, test timing for re-engagement campaigns (e.g. 1st to 2nd Purchase: 0-14 days, 14-30 days, etc)
LookalikesSegment criteria to include with lookalike audiences for…

- Acquisition: High LTV, High Budget Purchasers, Low Budget Purchasers
- Retention: Recently Viewed, Post Registration Welcome, Abandonment, First Time Purchase Discount, What Are The Benefits of Purchase (i.e. Free Shipping, Competitive Pricing, Unique Product)
- Re-engagement: Offer Discount & Promotion Codes, Applicable To Their Second Purchase, Promote Cross-Selling Offers, Offer Loyalty Points For Returning Customers, Leave A Review
- Growth: Layer In Email Interaction Data (i.e. Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes), Allocate More Budget to Those Less Active in Email or Unsubscribed, Prior Purchase + Email Unsubscribe, Subscribed but Disengaged (no open in 30 days), Opened in Last 30 Days But Haven’t Purchased in 180 Days
- Advocates: Asking for new customer referrals in exchange for discounts and gifts, Encouraging feedback on social media or on a rating website (possibly in exchange for discounts and gifts)
Retargeting- Run your best content pieces to showcase how customers receive the most value from your product. Send out content related ads that talk about the way they can use their cool new product

- Bring Back Old Customers: Former customers are unlikely to respond in the same way to your prospecting ads as people who have never heard of you. Instead of showing lapsed customers ads that tell them what they already know, run distinct ones that highlight product improvements to get them to return.

- Reactivate Disengaged Users: Inactive users sometimes need just a little incentive to get them to re-engage. Spare them from your prospecting ads, so you don’t annoy them with repetition. Entice them with discounts /bonus credits.

Simon Match+ is an optional, add-on beta

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