Simon Identity+

An expansion to Simon's robust identity resolution capabilities

Simon Identity+ is an optional premium feature

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Simon Identity+ is an extension of Simon’s robust identity resolution capabilities. By partnering with data provider, FullContact, we are now able to make deterministic identity matches by linking anonymous online actions to known users to unlock incomplete or partial first-party data.

The result? More revenue, easily — it’s that simple! Simon Identity+ allows marketers to reach more known, unauthenticated users on their website that plugs-and-plays directly into their existing abandonment campaigns. Not only can marketers now activate what they thought were anonymous users, but they also have the opportunity to put more users into existing abandonment journeys (via our leading Simon Journeys product!).

Simon Data has always been purpose-built for enhancing the ROI for first-party data, and now we can help further increase reach and better your customer relationships!

The Importance of Simon Identity+ in the Cookie-less Future

In an increasingly cookie-less world with lots of changes when it comes to privacy & identity, ROI on first-party data is becoming more and more critical. Our partnership with FullContact is a continuation of the focus that Simon has had on the importance of first-party data. With Simon Identity+, you can enhance the base of your brand's first-party data foundation and increase the size of the prize.

Who is FullContact?

FullContact is an industry-leading, deterministic identity resolution provider with strong match rates and robust coverage in the U.S. across billions of identifiers.