Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Strategic Insights Report (Last updated: March 27)

The current pandemic has altered the way many brands are going to market and adapt their value proposition to the shifting landscape. We believe Marketing, Data, and Technology teams all have a fundamental role to play in shaping a rapid evolution of customer experiences to meet the needs of the current environment, and Simon is here to help.

To support our clients through this process, we’ve pulled together a rapid-response brief with research and advice covering best practices for engaging customers and managing a marketing function through the COVID-19 crisis. In particular, it includes insights and guidance on:

• How COVID-19 is affecting consumers and the economy
• High-level industry impacts
• Industry-specific guidance on customer engagement (Retail discretionary; retail non-discretionary; financial services; travel, leisure, and hospitality)
• How to plan and invest for recovery