Bypass SendGrid subscription preferences


If you have subscription management set up through SendGrid, you can bypass those subscription groups for transactional messages.


Only use this option for transactional messages

Only use the option to bypass the preferences for messages that qualify as transactional. Email regulations (like CAN-SPAM set different standards for marketing messages. We'll remind you, but we can't prevent you from bypassing so this is at your discretion.

How to bypass subscriptions

This option is configured in the SendGrid channel action.

From the Unsubscribe Group drop-down, choose the last option: None: Bypass subscription preferences. Selecting this option ignores any subscription statuses maintained within SendGrid.


Bypass SendGrid subscriptions


Unsubscribe links will still be included

SendGrid will still insert an unsubscribe link when bypass subscription preferences is selected. However, contacts who have unsubscribed will still receive this transactional message you're sending.

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