Fair Usage

Simon has usage policies and best practices that come standard with the Core CDP Platform. The two primary reasons for these rules and best practices are to:

  1. Enable you to see what value you're getting from your data
  2. Ensure your account has the data and the live flows you need to support your marketing strategy

What are these usage rules and best practices?

  • Custom Configuration: Simon can customize the Core CDP Platform based on your unique needs. For example:
    • Daily Pipe Run: 2x per day
    • Data Retention Increase: changing the lookback periods to your event-based datasets may increase the volume of data Simon is making available to you
  • Fair Usage: Limits on our Core CDP Platform that can't be adjusted. If you require an increase to these limits, a customized Enterprise CDP Platform is required.

To customize your account, contact your account manager.

Standard usage rules

CategoryTypeVolume included in the Core CDP PlatformNotes
Custom ConfigurationDaily Pipe Run1x per day
Custom ConfigurationData retention3.0 bn reference data rows
Fair usageTotal Segments2,000
Fair usageLive Flows & Journeys400Aggregated across Flow Types
Fair usageLive Datasets250Aggregated across Dataset Types
Fair usageTotal Attributes1,600Ingested from your Data Sources or created in Simon