Journey History


Journey history allows you to quickly look at or query events for contacts moving through your Journeys via a log. You can look at specific events like entering a journey, which actions your customer received, when they exited the journey, etc. Histories can be helpful in analyzing your campaign success and planning future campaigns, powering BI (business intelligence) reports or troubleshooting campaign issues.


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Where can I find it?

Journey history is written to Snowflake. If you don't use Snowflake, your account manager can share it through Snowflake data sharing.

What is the latency of the event data?

It takes about an hour before the journey events are loaded into Snowflake.

What is included in journey history?

Journey history automatically includes timestamps and information for all the different steps of a Journey, including entry and exit events.

What is the table name?


What does each row represent?

Each row represents a journey event for a specific contact. The possible event types are: entry, exit, action, branching split, experiment split, and blocked entry due to re-entry settings.


Two entries

There will be two entries for entry steps: one indicating the initial entry of the contact into the journey, and one when the contact is transitioned to the first step of the journey.