Remove contact from custom audience


Use this action in a segment triggered or recurring flow, or a Journey, to remove contacts from a TikTok for Business Custom Audience.



  • In a flow, contacts are removed from Custom Audiences when the flow launches based on the segment comparison.
    • You must have an existing Custom Audience in TikTok to remove from and you must enter the exact name of that audience in the parameters.
  • In a Journey, once the contact enters the channel action node they'll be removed from a custom audience based on the segment comparison. For example, if there is a two day delay before the channel action node, the custom audience is not updated for at least two days.
  • It takes one hour minimum to see your contacts removed in TikTok.
Action in a Journey

Action in a Journey

Configuration Parameters

Ad AccountFrom the drop down, select the ad account to sync to. If you don't see the ad account you're looking for, submit a support ticket. To sync to more than one account, add additional actions to the flow.
Audience Name (Flows only)By default, this matches the flow name. However, to remove contacts you must have an existing Custom Audience in TikTok to remove from.

Enter the name exactly as it appears in TikTok in this field; it's case and space sensitive.
Audience Configuration (Journeys only)- Select Create a new List for a new list in TikTok, then give it a name.
- Select Use an existing List to choose from the audiences currently in your TikTok account. (Recently created lists may not be available in this drop down).
Journey History Metadata (Journeys only)Custom context fields that are included along with action rows in journey history, very similar to data feed fields.

See Journey History Metadata for more detail.

How this Action Functions by Flow

Channel actions behave differently when used in different flows. The table below describes this action's functions for each flow type.

Flow TypeFunction
One-Time Removes contacts from the Custom Audience one time
Triggered By segment membership:
When a newly added contact joins a segment, removes the contact from the Custom Audience

Not available in event triggered flows
RecurringRemoves contacts from the Custom Audience on the cadence you set with the flow