Need to remove a dataset that's no longer used so it stops cluttering the segment builder? Just don't need it anymore?

Here's how:

  1. From the left navigation, expand Datasets then click **Data Explorer**. The [Data Explorer](🔗) dashboard displays:


Data Explorer dashboard

  1. From the first [Data Explorer](🔗) panel drop-down, choose **Dataset**.

  2. From the second drop-down, search for then select a specific **dataset**.

  3. If your chosen dataset is not used anywhere downstream according to the Data Explorer, then it's safe to archive it.

Archival restrictions

If a dataset is used _anywhere_ (i.e. in a segment, flow, content block, etc.), you can't archive it and the archive button is disabled.

You also can't archive a dataset while your pipe is running. Make sure you have the [_Dataset archive failure_](🔗) alert turned on so that you know if your archival request succeeded or failed.

  1. Click **Archive Dataset**.


Click 'Archive Dataset'

Archiving a dataset is irreversible

Once you archive this dataset, it isn't retrievable. Be very sure before you complete the archive action.

  1. Read the pop-up:

  • To acknowledge and complete archival, click **Yes, Archive**.

  • To back out, click **Cancel**.


Archival pop-up

## Get notified

To be notified if your request to archive a dataset succeeds or failed, enable the

  • Dataset archive success and

  • Dataset archive failure notifications. See [Configure Simon notifications](🔗) for more information on how to turn on these alerts.