Use custom context features to personalize your messaging. Your customization can be simple or complex, depending on the need.

Use this section to guide you through the possibilities:

Get started with the custom context engine; add your own customization.[Custom context basics](🔗)
Use expressions to personalize templates and other scenarios.[Custom context expressions](🔗)
Reuse content in multiple templates.[Content Blocks](🔗)
Use data that is not contact-specific when dynamically inserting content into a message.[Lookup tables](🔗)
Use event data, like abandoned carts, to customize a message.[Use event data from triggers](🔗)
Use [Contact event data](🔗) to personalize your campaigns.[Use contact event content](🔗)
Learn the basic formatters, filters, tests and global functions the custom context engine uses.[Jinja intro](🔗)
Take no action for a contact if a piece of content is not available.[Skip action for a contact](🔗)
Use Jinja to work with complex arrays, sort, generate lists, and share variables between blocks.[Complex Jinja patterns](🔗)