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# Getting Started

Flows begin your communication story's journey. To get started: from the left navigation, expand **Campaigns**, then click **Flows**.

The Flows Dashboard displays. From here you can click **Create** to build a new flow or search for an existing flow using a combination of drop-down filters, keywords, and tags.

# Resources

Follow one of these guides to achieve your goals:

Set up a one time message<br> Get started using flows[Send a one-time message](🔗)
Set up a flow that sends on a recurring basis[Recurring Flows](🔗)
Understand when and why to target specific segments[Target a flow to a segment](🔗)
Design personalized experiences for contacts based on the accumulated knowledge about that contact.[Rule-Based Branching](🔗)
Identify the best version of a marketing campaign to achieve your goals.[Multivariate Experiments](🔗)
Edit an existing flow<br><br>Export a flow for use elsewhere[Edit and export flows](🔗)
Keep segments in sync with lists in various channels.[Streams Actions](🔗)
Understand sync status messages[Sync Status](🔗)
View a report of the number of contacts that were not processed when attempting to execute a flow.[Flow Delivery Metrics](🔗)
Understand how customers engage with the links in your messaging and if their placement in the message impacts customer engagement.[View link activity](🔗)
View experiment summary report[Experiment results](🔗)