# Contact Event Lookback Period

Our goal with Contact Events is to provide granular data to power your marketing workflow. Based on our workflow knowledge and experience working with customers, event-level granularity is most relevant between 30 days - 365 days, depending on the event type. Aggregation based on events is best created with a Contact Data dataset.

ClassificationLookback Period
Behavioral Events30 Days
Channel Events90 Days
Transactional Events365 Days

Your lookback period may vary

Lookback period may be shorter for high volume datasets.

# How this affects the product

The lookback period affects three areas of the product:

  • Event-Based Segmentation

  • Contact Event Based Content

  • Contact Profile

# The lookback period in the Segment Builder

The lookback period for a dataset is shown in the segment builder, along with what field it is based on.


lookback period

# Lookback based on Contact Event Dataset Category

Contact Event Dataset CategoryLookback classificationLookback period
OtherBehavioral30 days
Add to CartBehavioral30 days
Abandoned CartBehavioral30 days
Page viewBehavioral30 days
On-site ActivitiesBehavioral30 days
App ActivitiesBehavioral30 days
Survey CompletionBehavioral30 days
RegistrationBehavioral30 days
Email SendChannel Events90 days
Email OpenChannel Events90 days
Email ClickChannel Events90 days
Email UnsubscribeChannel Events90 days
Email BounceChannel Events90 days
SMS SendChannel Events90 days
SMS ClickChannel Events90 days
SMS UnsubscribeChannel Events90 days
SMS BounceChannel Events90 days
Push SendChannel Events90 days
Push DeliveryChannel Events90 days
Push ClickChannel Events90 days
Push BounceChannel Events90 days
Flow AddsChannel Events90 days
App DownloadTransactional365 days
App UninstallTransactional365 days
Subscription ActivationTransactional365 days
Subscription SkipTransactional365 days
Subscription CancellationTransactional365 days
Subscription ReactivationTransactional365 days
Completed TransactionTransactional365 days
PurchaseTransactional365 days
ReturnTransactional365 days