Understand Subscription Management

Before you create or manage lists, be sure to read **[Subscription Management](🔗)** first, to learn how unsubscribes, default lists, and category lists work.

# Create a New List

  1. From the left navigation, expand **Segments**, then click **Subscription Lists**.

  2. Click **Create New List**.

  3. **Name** your list and give it a **description** to remind you and your peers what it's for.

  4. Click **Save** List.

  5. You're prompted to confirm creation. Click **Cancel** to back out, or **Create List** to create the list at this time.


Consider Before You Create

Be intentional about creating new lists. As _soon_ as you confirm creation, your customers can see and opt our of this list in your [subscription center](🔗). You _can't_ delete or archive lists once you've created them.

You can now [add contacts to your list (unsubscribe them from this message type)](🔗) or work with your account manager to import multiple contacts at once.