# Overview

Customers can [manage their own subscriptions](🔗) in your Subscription Center. This center opens any time they click an **Unsubscribe** or **Manage Preferences** link from an email:


There are two other screens your customer might see that these custom settings will also apply to:

**Unsubscribe Confirmation**:


**Marketing Preferences Screen to Save Changes:**


# Customize Settings

  1. From the left navigation, expand **Admin Center** then click **Subscription Center**.

  2. The Subscription Center Styles load with default values from your onboarding that you can update at any time:


## Style requirements

Logo LinkEnter the host URL for a logo to insert at the top of the subscription center page. (See where the _Kate & Weston_ logo is placed in the example above).For best results, these files should be _less_ than **500 kbs** Logos will render at **200px** wide.
Favicon LinkEnter the host URL to include a favicon. This image will display next to your site name in browser tabs, bookmarks, etc.) If you don't choose a favicon, it defaults to the Simon Data logo.We recommend using .**ico** or .**png** file types. Files should be _max_ **100 kbs**, **300px x 300 px**.
Button ColorColors the page action buttons (checkboxes, buttons, links).Color hex code
Banner ColorColors the page headerColor hex code