Simon Mail is an optional premium feature

If you're interested in using Simon's own solution for sending email messages, contact your account manager.

# Overview

Use the Simon Mail drag-and-drop editor to quickly build responsive emails without the need for coding (though Custom HTML _is_ an option if you want it). Build custom emails with everything from images to videos, social media links to embedded telephone numbers.

Your messages can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be using the **drag and drop editor**:


Drag and Drop Editor

Messages are made of _rows_ and _columns_, filed with _content_ (images, text, links, etc.) The editor allows you to customize these both broadly and very granularly, from general settings down to the smallest row's individual settings.

Pro tip

Before you begin, it's helpful to sketch out your message and consider what content you want to include where. Then build the rows and fill in the content to meet those requirements.

# How to navigate the editor

  1. From the left navigation, expand **Campaigns** then click **Content**.

  2. Choose **Drag and Drop Editor**.

You can't switch between Drag and Drop and HTML editors

Once you choose Drag and Drop you won't be able to edit the underlying HTML. However, there is a lot of power in the drag and drop editor to accomplish what you need.

  1. Choose an existing template to edit or click **Create Template** to start a new message. The drag and drop editor opens.


Drag and Drop UI

In the drag and drop editor, you'll customize settings on the right using the **content**, **rows**, and **settings** tabs (c).

The left pane contains a staging/preview pane (b) that updates real time as you make your changes.

Save template settings in the [header](🔗) (a).

Use the desktop and mobile icons to switch between the views your recipients will see. Use the eye icon to display or not display any hidden elements (you can choose to hide elements on the mobile or desktop version to make your message more compatible with the device, more on that here).


Toggle between desktop and mobile views

## Undo/Redo

You can also **undo** or **redo** any action, or go back or forward a number of steps. Scroll the the far bottom left of the screen and click the **round arrow icon**:


## Comments

You can leave comments in multiple places within the rows, columns, and content. To view all the comments at once, click the small comment icon on the far left:



# Create a template

The basic steps to creating a template with the drag and drop editor are:

  1. Create a [new template and configure template settings](🔗).

  2. From the [rows tab](🔗), drag some rows with the column layout you need from the rows tab into your message stage. Configure your [message settings](🔗), then your individual row settings if needed (row settings override message settings).

  3. Drag [content types](🔗) (text, title, image, etc) into the columns; format them with content properties (colors, spacing, font type, links, etc).

  4. Save your template and you're ready to use it in a journey or flow!

You can do each of these steps interchangeably until your message is complete.

Of course, there is a **lot** more customization possible with the drag and drop editor and lots of customizable features to choose from: everything from embedded videos, to specially formatted text, to image editing, to transforming icons with stickers.

# Popular topics

To help you get started, we've prepared these documents to walk your through the entire drag and drop editor:

  • [Template settings](🔗)

  • [Message settings](🔗)

  • [Rows and columns](🔗)

  • [Content types and settings](🔗)

  • [Common formatting properties](🔗)

  • [Insert links](🔗)

  • [File manager](🔗)

  • [Images and Effects](🔗)

<!-- When clicking your email to edit it, you can see that it was built using the drag-and-drop editor: -->