## Edit

To edit a running flow:

  1. Navigate to the **flow overview page**.

  2. Click **Edit Flow**.

    • Rename the flow

    • Add/modify actions and/or

    • Reconfigure goals

Certain aspects of flows cannot be edited once the flow has been created:

  • The originally targeted segment cannot be changed.

  • Actions cannot be deleted.

  • Experiments cannot be added or edited.

## Export

  1. Select the **flow** you'd like to export.

  2. Click the **Edit/Delete drop down** then click **Export Members**.

If the flow has been stopped or sent, the button will say _Delete_ instead of _Edit_.


  1. Configure the export on the popup screen. Exporting all-time membership will export both the entry and exit date (where applicable) of contacts who have gone through the flow.


  1. Click **Create Flow Export**.

  2. The spinning icon indicates that your export is in progress. You will be able to request a new flow export when the current export completes. Check your inbox for an email with a link to download the file. This link to download the file expires after 24 hours.