# Edit a running journey

Journeys Two lets you safely edit a running journey by creating a new version.

From the existing Journey, click **Edit**:



This creates a new journey version. You can now make changes to the structure or settings of the _new_ draft version before you determine that it's ready to be published.

At this point, all the changes are published at once, and **new contacts will go through the new version, while contacts who were already in the previous version will continue in that version until they exit.**

You can always go back to view a previous version in _review_ mode. _Note, the global journey settings can't be modified between versions: entry segment, journey name and exit rules. _

(To view the status of any journey, from the left navigation click **Journeys** then search for your journey name.)

You can also edit a step in a live Journey, rather than creating an entirely new version:

# Edit a step in a live journey

  1. From your Journey, click **Edit**.

  2. From the node drop-down, click **Edit Step**.

  3. Make your changes then click **Save Edit**.

  4. You're prompted to confirm you want to edit a live Journey and that your changes will go into effect immediately. If you're ready to save the change, click **Publish Edit**.

  5. You'll see a confirmation that your change saved successfully.

# Delete a draft

  1. Click **Edit Draft**.

  2. In the top right, click the **Version number label** to view all the Journey Versions.

  3. Click the **running version** (you need to be in the running version to delete a different draft).

  4. Next to the draft you want to delete, click the **trash can**.

  5. Confirm you want to delete the draft; you can't undo this once you delete.