# Actions

## Send Triggered Event

This action will send an event to Klaviyo, which can then be used as the starting point for a Campaign or Flow in Klaviyo. You can specify event properties using Event Properties in Simon. These properties will be placed in the `properties` part of the event payload within Klaviyo. They can be accessed as content in Klaviyo messages using the syntax `{{event.<custom context name>}}` and used for personalization and segmentation.

We recommend the following workflow as a starting point:

  1. Create a flow in Simon and define the event name and Custom Context.

  2. Send a test event from the flow. This will create a new metric in Klaviyo with that event name.

  3. Save the flow in Simon.

  4. Set up your Campaign or Flow in Klaviyo using the test event that you sent. When you are ready, set it live.

  5. Launch your flow in Simon.


Using a custom event name and event properties in Klaviyo.

### Configuration Parameters

  • Event name

  • Custom context

## Sync Contact To List

The Sync Contact To List action maintains a list of contacts within Klaviyo.

### Configuration Parameters

  • List name.

## Add Contact To Global Exclusions

This action will add the contact to the Global Exclusions list in Klaviyo.

### Configuration Parameters

  • None.

# Supported Flow Types

Send Triggered Event
Sync Contact To List
Add Contact To Global Exclusions