# Increase First Time Purchasing Via Social Media Ads

Let’s say you’re really interested in increasing first time purchasing via social media ads. There's a flow for that!

Using the [Simon Predict: High Purchase Propensity pre-built segment](🔗), we created a stream [flow](🔗) that will create a [Facebook lookalike audience](🔗) to target individuals with similar characteristics to your current customers. You can use this flow as it is, or copy it and tweak it to your needs -- either way you're making your ad spend go further, faster!


# Segment On a Top Product

Maybe you’re looking to push a specific product for the next month? You can use Product Recommendations in our Segment Builder to create a segment of customers that have this product as their top recommendation by selecting the property, **Simon Predict: Product Recommendation 1** and setting the value to the sku of your chosen product:


Based on that segment of customers, you can also then [target a lookalike audience](🔗) on your ad platform and make sure your ads are being surfaced to folks who are more likely to be interested in that product.