Understand Subscription Management

Before you create or manage lists, be sure to read **[Subscription Management](🔗)** first, to learn how unsubscribes, default lists, and category lists work.

# Subscription Lists Dashboard

  1. From the left navigation, expand **Segments**.

  2. Click **Subscription Lists**.

[Default lists](🔗) are _Bounces_, _Opt out of all communication_, _Spam Complaints_, and _Unsubscribe Requests_.


Subscription Lists Dashboard

From the list view, you can see the list Name, the number of contacts currently in the list (List Count), and the date the list was created (Created Date). Lists appear in order of creation.

From the dashboard, you can also add [tags](🔗) to organize your lists.

# List View

From the List Dashboard click the **list name** or click **View** to see:

  • **List Created**: The date this subscription list was created. (Default lists are created for you at onboarding)

  • **List Count**: The number of contacts currently unsubscribed from this list's messages

  • **List description**: Default Lists contain default descriptions

  • _Contact names_, _email addresses_, and _opt-out dates_ for **contacts** who _won't_ receive any emails from this list

View 100 Contacts Per List

Your list displays 100 contacts. To find a specific contact not displayed, use the search box.

## View Contact Details

From the **View** screen, click any contact name to open that [Contact Profile](🔗) in a separate tab.

## Unsubscribe Contacts

This action adds a contact to this unsubscribe list so they won't receive these message types anymore.

  1. From the Subscription List View, click **Unsubscribe Contact**

  2. Search for the contact you want to remove.

  3. Click **Unsubscribe Contact**. You'll see a _successful_ message indicating your contact will no longer receive emails this list receives for any action, starting immediately. (You don't need to click **Save List** for the unsubscribe to happen).


Bulk Unsubscribe

Contact your account manager to bulk add contacts to this list. If the customer wants to be removed from all communication, add them to the [**Opt Out of All Communication List**](🔗).

## Resubscribe Contacts

If a contact previously unsubscribed, you can resubscribe them to that message type by removing them from the respective suppression list.

  1. From the Subscription List View, search for the contact.

  2. In their contact row, click the **Delete** icon. _Successfully resubscribed member_ displays. You'll no longer see this contact in the list view and they're no longer suppressed from the list; they'll receive messages from this list. (You don't need to click **Save List** for the resubscribe to happen).


You can resubscribe any contact in any list, even **Bounces**. Be careful to respect your contact's preferences when doing this.

# Suppress a User From All Current and Future Messages

Rather than adding a contact to each unsubscribe list individually, you can simply add them to the **Opt Out of All Communication List** to prevent them from receiving any messaging. This list takes priority over all other lists. See [Subscription Management: Default Lists](🔗) for more details.

# Edit List Name or Description

Click in the field and make your changes, then click **Save List**.

# Delete or Archive a List

You can't currently delete or archive lists.