The Manage Users function allows an account administrator to view, create, edit, and remove individual user accounts. Additionally, user access levels may be controlled by any user with the _Admin_ role.

To access your admin panel, from the left navigation expand **Admin Center** then click **Manage Users**. From this page, you can add new users to your account and manage existing users' access.

# User Roles

Each user has one, and only one, role. A role includes a set of permissions that provide a user with the ability to use features across the platform. Additionally, permissions control the level of access each user has to an individual feature, including whether or not a particular feature is visible within their account.

## Pre-configured roles

There are three pre-configured roles a user can have: _Admin_, _User_, and _View-Only_.

View flows
Create/edit flow
Launch flow
Delete flow
View segment definition
Create/edit segment
Edit segment on running flow
Delete segment
View segment stats and KPIs
View flow results (if enabled)
View flow reporting
Create/edit result
Delete result
Export segment member list
Export flow membership
Configure data feed
Submit privacy request
View datasets
Sample datasets
Create/configure dataset
Edit dataset
Drilldown into dataset fields
View documentation
Manage user accounts

## Custom Roles

A user can also be given a Custom role that uses combinations of permissions that differ from pre-configured roles. To give a user this level of access, select _Custom_ role type and enable the individual permissions you wish the user to have.