View the status of Simon systems and related third party apps at [](🔗).


This status page displays statuses for:

  • Simon Data features (the app itself, event triggered flows, data pipes ingesting your data, etc.)

  • Some third-party integrations (SendGrid, Airship, etc.)

Third-party statuses

We maintain all Simon statuses. Third-party statuses are reported on our status page as a convenience for you _but_ they are maintained by their own individual vendors. If you see an outage reported for a third-party app, contact that vendor directly through your normal method for more detail.

# Status Details

Statuses are displayed for the previous 60 days (up to the current date). Hover over individual blocks to see more details on that day's status or incidents:

To view a record of uptime or reported incidents further back than 60 days, click **View historical uptime**, then select the **Uptime** tab and filter as needed _or_ the **Incidents** tab for more detail.


## Status Types

The banner will display one of these statuses:

  • **All Systems Operational**: No current incidents or delays

  • **Partial Outage**: One Simon component _or_ third-party integration is experiencing an outage.

  • **Degraded Performance**: One component _or_ third-party integration is experience a delay. (This does not track historically and is not communicated via status updates).

  • **Major Outage**: All systems are experiencing an outage.

  • **Under Maintenance**: One or more feature(s) has active maintenance or maintenance planned.

Incidents are updated as changes are made. Click on the incident link for more details.

# Subscribe To Updates

To subscribe to incident updates via email (incident creation, updates, and resolutions) or text (incident creation and resolution only), click **Subscribe to Updates**:


Be sure to confirm your subscription in the confirmation email and by replying YES to the Statuspage text.

## Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe, notify your account manager that you'd like to be removed.

# Automate Incident Management

You can also get updates via a webhook, Slack, Atom Feed, or RSS feed. This can be beneficial if you use a third-party app (like Pager Duty) to manage real-time operations. Ask one of your team's developers or IT support individuals to review these options and configure them for you.