# Overview

You can use Responsys to send triggered messages to your contacts. Using this action, contacts will receive an email containing the [Responsys campaign template](🔗) selected in the action. To edit the Responsys template, visit the [Responsys Help Center](🔗) to learn more.

Considerations & Use Cases

  • This action alone _doesn't_ result in a contact receiving an email. You need to set up an automation in Responsys to use the PET for a send.

  • If the API triggered send requires [custom context](🔗), those fields _won't_ pop up automatically in the flow action window to configure the field values (custom context).


# Configuration Parameters

** Responsys Campaign Name **Name of the campaign within Responsys.
** Custom Context **Custom context values for personalization.
** Frequency Cap **Number of sends per contact per period of time.

# How this Action Functions by Flow

Channel actions behave differently when used in different flows. The table below describes this action's functions for each flow type.

<!-- We've used this description in multiple Responsys documents -->

Flow TypeFunction
**One-Time** (Recommended)Send a message, once at send time
**Triggered** (Recommended)_By segment membership:_ Send a message, when a newly added contact joins a segment _By an event:_ Send a message, once when a contact performs a specific event
**Stream** N/A
**Recurring**Send a message, on a schedule to all newly added contacts