# Configure in Redshift

  1. For Simon Data to integrate with Amazon Redshift, create a user and password via the [CREATE USER command in Amazon Redshift](🔗) that Simon Data can use to connect:

    `create user simondata password '<password here>'`

  2. Grant Simon select privileges on the appropriate table, schema, or database that we will need to extract from:

    `grant select on <table/schema/db> <name of table/schema/db> to simondata`

# Configure in Simon

  1. As an _admin_, expand **Admin Center** then click **Integrations**.

  2. Scroll down to **Redshift**.

  3. Click **Add**.

  4. Enter your **host**, **port**, **database**, **user** (the username you created specific to Simon in Redshift itself), and **password**.

  5. Click **Save Changes**

Successful connections display **Connected** in Green.


# Allow list

Allow the following IPs in any firewalls or systems that may block our access:

# Troubleshooting