The Simon integration with [Google AdWords](🔗) is a two step, fully self-service process.

# Before you begin

You'll need:

  • Access to your Google AdWords _Main_ [Manager Account](🔗)

  • A Simon [admin role ](🔗)

# Set up

## Copy your Google AdWords Customer ID

1\.[ Find and Copy your Google AdWords **Customer ID**](🔗), a 10 digit code. _You specifically need the ID for the **Main Manager** account; this integration will not work with any other account IDs._

## Edit the integration

  1. Navigate to your Simon integrations page. (From the left navigation, expand **Admin Center** then click **Integrations**.)

  2. To the right of **Google AdWords**, click **Edit**.

  3. Paste your Customer ID (see #1) into the field and click **Save Changes**, but don't close the window, you're not done just yet!

## Grant OAuth Access

Next, you have to grant OAuth access from your Google Ads account. **You may want to grab a developer or "someone from IT" for this!**

  1. From within the integration window, click the **here** OAuth Form link; you'll be taken to your Google account to complete OAuth access. Follow the steps there then click **Submit.** Be sure to use the same Google account matching the `Customer ID` you used above.

## Successful Connection

When your integration is successfully set up, you'll see:



## Troubleshooting

If you don't see a successful connection:

  • Confirm you used your **main** Google AdWords account `Customer ID` in both Simon _and_ in when you complete OAuth.

  • Contact your account manager for help.