# On-Premise SQL Server credential requirements

There are two primary mechanisms used to connect to on-premises databases. If neither of the options below work for your organization, our integration experts will work with you to accommodate your unique circumstances.

## Option 1: Allow IPs

  1. If your database can be reached publicly over the internet, allow these IP addresses:

  1. From the Simon left navigation, expand sett**Admin Center** then click **Integrations**. Scroll to SQL Server and enter your credentials then click **Save Changes**.

  • Host

  • Port

  • Schema

  • User

  • Password

  1. Click **Test Connection**.

## Option 2: VPN

If your data warehouse can only be reached from your internal network, we establish a VPN connection to your network. While we can support “site-to-site” VPNs, the typical setup is to give Simon an account on your regular VPN (with a username and password) and our integration team will establish a VPN connection from there. You won't need to change anything else about your network.

We need this information from you:

  • Your VPN type (e.g. Cisco, AnyConnect, etc.)

  • Your VPN server hostname (like a URL)

  • A username and password created specifically for Simon to access your VPN

  • Your VPN routes

  • Forwarding rules for your VPN, including:

    • The IP address of the database behind the VPN

    • The database listening port

    • The database destination port

    • Any extra options required to connect to your VPN. For example: `--authgroup='my_company_name'`

We can establish a VPN with Cisco and NetExtender VPNs within 4 hours, and work with you to establish other VPNs within 48 hours.

Once this is done, complete step 2 in option 1 above.