January 2023: Campaign Safety Settings, Content Error Handling, Event Visibility

  • New! Campaign Safety Settings. Simon depends on your live data to power your highly personalized campaigns. At times, data issues (like data refresh delays or large unintended swings in segment size) prevent your campaigns from sending as intended. To help better manage these scenarios and ensure the right action is taken, we're introducing Campaign Safety Settings.
    • These settings come with sensible defaults, but can be adjusted by account admins. Additionally, we also support flow-level overrides in cases where a flow might require different behavior than the default behavior.
  • New! Content Error Handling. Simon provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to leveraging your data to build highly personalized content. But with this flexibility comes potential content errors.
    • We ensure invalid or malformed content is never sent out and we’ve now improved visibility and resolution of content errors by incorporating them into our flow delivery metrics. You can now see all contacts skipped due to content errors and the specific cause directly from a report.
  • New! Event Visibility. Stream your Simon Signal events in real-time using Event Visibility - our new product to help you troubleshoot, debug, and verify your events in real time!

December 2022: New Journeys dashboard, Edit nodes in a live Journey

  • A new and improved Journeys Dashboard is now available. Search for an existing journey using a combination of drop-down filters, keywords, and tags and view them all in one convenient list.
  • You can now edit nodes in a live Journey rather than creating a new Journey version.

October 2022: New Flows dashboard, Updated webhooks functionality in Flows and Journeys

  • A new and improved Flows dashboard is now available in Campaigns. Search for an existing flow using a combination of drop-down filters, keywords, and tags and view them all in one convenient list.
  • You can now create webhooks from scratch or by copying a previous webhook from a flow or journey.
  • New! Simon Mail Heat Maps. Analyze your creative assets in a new way. From your flow detail page, just click on link activity to view the maps.
  • Journeys Two data, specifically node data within a Journey, is now available in the Unified Contact View.

September 2022: Simon Mail UTM Parameters, Segment with Journey events, New Support Center

  • Simon Mail UTM Parameters Available in Segments: You can now segment based on Simon Mail UTM Parameter metadata on your Simon Mail events! We included this by default in your segment editor, if you're a Simon Mail customer.
  • Segment with Journey events; you can now use Journey Two Events directly in Segments! These events are now available in the Segment builder:
    • Journey Entry
    • Journey Exit
    • Journey Action
    • Journey Experiment Variant Assignment
  • New! Support Center. Click Support Center in the left navigation bar to open requests for our support team or provide product feedback

August 2022: New Google Ads channel actions, Deliverability Insights, New Simon Predict model

  • New Google Ads Channel Actions: you can now add or remove from Google Ads Customer Lists directly from a Journey.

July 2022: UTM Parameters now available in SparkPost

  • UTM Parameters Now Available in SparkPost. When you choose the Send Email to Contact using SparkPost channel action, UTM Parameters now automatically append these Google Analytics key/value pairs to the query string of all the hyperlinks in your selected template so you don't have to hard code those parameters into your hyperlink code, one by one, yourself. This can help you see where you campaigns are most effective if you use Google Analytics.

June 2022: Trigger Journeys by event, Journeys History Field

  • You can now trigger Journeys by event in Journeys Two. This is a good option to use when you want to trigger your Journey based on interactions with your website, a survey etc.
    • Take it a step further and use event-triggered content to personalize your messaging. The best part is, the event you choose is available for use as content for the entire time that the contact is in the journey, so it’s very easy to use the same content (e.g. a product from an abandoned cart) throughout the journey without any extra effort.
  • You can now view more detail about how your contact is advancing through a Journey and if there is a delay, how time is affected using advancement_time.

May 2022 : Delete drafts in Journeys Two

  • You can now delete draft versions in Journeys Two.
  • Contact data pipe details now viewable. Want to know more about when your most recent data refresh was? How long your refresh will take to complete? Details about your most recent data pipe jobs? You got it!
    • Simply expand Alerts and Status in the left navigation, then click Contact Data Pipe. Refer to the Simon Data Guides for definitions.

April 2022: Campaign Metrics and updated campaign builder

We’re excited to announce Simon’s new Campaign Metrics!

Release Notes 3/10/22

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